Models of Employee Involvement in Governance in Societas Europaea

AutoreDaniela Caterino
S: 1. Introduction. – 2. The involvement of employees in the EC vision. – 3.
Directive supplementing the EC Regulation of European Companies: a) a gene-
ral profile. – 4. (continued) b) the procedures for involvement. – 5. The imple-
mentation of the directive in Italy: a) the regulatory and socio-economic survey.
– 6. (continued) b) The measure of implementation. – 7. Conclusions.
1. The involvement of employees in the governance of joint stock compa-
nies can be investigated from various perspectives1.
The jurist looks at legislative choices from the point of view of the impact
they have on the law, or – in the “economic analysis of law” approach – for
social costs or benefits generated by the rules. For the commercial law jurist,
the right approach might be to investigate which pattern of employee in-
volvement provided by the law is more efficiently in line with good corporate
governance, which one can obtain the best balance between body and pow-
ers, the proper allocation of managers’ responsibilities and so on2.
The labor law jurist, in turn, will probably consider the consequences of
these choices from the workers’ perspective; he will naturally tend to set the
issue of employee involvement in the broader perspective of the rights and
obligations arising from the employment relationship.
However, the issue is not without interest for the psychologist, particu-
larly the occupational psychologist, concerned with identifying and assess-
* Il lavoro riproduce il testo della relazione in lingua inglese svolta nell’ambito del IV Interna-
tional Criteos Forum, sul tema Boundaryless careers and occupational wellbeing, svoltosi a Bari,
Palazzo Ateneo, 11-12 dicembre 2008, ed è destinato alla pubblicazione negli Atti del Forum.
1 M. P, Democrazia industriale, in Dig. disc. priv., sez. comm., Torino, 1989.
2 P. M, Partecipazione dei lavoratori alla gestione dell’impresa, in Dig. disc. priv.,
sez. comm., Torino, 1994; M. J. B, Partecipazione dei lavoratori alla gestione delle imprese
I) Diritto commerciale, in Enc. giur. Treccani, Roma, 1990.

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