AutoreAntonio Alderuccio
Many people ask me: how does it feel to be the Editor-in-Chief of one of the
first European student-run law journals? I still have not found a unique
answer to such a question. Perhaps, a unique answer does not even exist. The
truth is that, like any noteworthy adventure, it involves a great variety of
concomitant yet winking feelings and sensations. The excitement for the
unexpected is often mixed with the fear of what is coming next and cannot
be foreseen, while the need for self- improvement often gives way to an air
of resignation, to be turned on again in extreme positivity. For me, being the
founder and Editor-in-Chief of the University of Bologna Law Review has
represented and still represents one of the most significant events of my
life. I can say that for sure.
This has all started from a simple idea coming up during a cold winter
evening - I know, it seems like I am quoting a thriller, but that is the gospel
truth: such simple idea has been developed through chilly days, then warm
ones, then chilly and then cold ones again, giving birth to an incredible full-
optional car you really cannot stop driving. The core of the journal is
composed of its scientific committee and editorial team, including more than
thirty students from the University of Bologna, School of Law, and several
Visiting Editors, i.e. foreign students and recent graduates willing to live an
editorial experience with us. We feel like a big family, in which we have
shared and keep sharing dreams, hopes, ideas, passions and studies.
The University of Bologna, through the Department of Legal Studies,
has allowed us to achieve something extraordinary, which pushes the
students into performing a complex set of activities since their first year of
law school. Our editors, therefore, learn how to analyze manuscripts, to carry
out editing activities following The Bluebook sections of their competence, to
work in a team as well as independently and, maybe the most important, to
deeply respect their teammates. It is amazing to see what students are able
to do if sufficiently encouraged, and the incredible energy they can share. I
often think about the changes that the University of Bologna Law Review has

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