What To Do In The Event Of A Car Accident In Italy

In the event of a car accident in Italy, the manner in which the situation is handled is different based on the seriousness of the incident. If you have been involved in an accident, there are several precautionary measures you need to be aware of.

Whether you are the person responsible or the victim, you must remain calm and document the incident as it happened. Reporting a traffic accident with another vehicle is required by law, just as it is mandatory to inform your insurance company. If you have caused the accident, you have three days to report it.

If there have been serious damages to vehicles and/or people, it is necessary to call the police immediately, and not to move the vehicles involved until authorities arrive. If it is a minor road accident, the vehicles must be moved so as not to get in the way of traffic. Before moving the vehicles it is advisable to take pictures.

When the road accident takes place in Italy

It should be said that in Italy a vehicle can be driven only if you have a driving license and civil liability insurance, known as R.C. Auto.

Permission to drive is only granted if you are in possession of insurance approved by the Highway Code. This legislation is extended to every motor vehicle not running on rails.

The stipulation of an insurance policy covers you for any possible damages caused by the driver.

Road accidents: information collection and the CAI form

At the time of signing insurance, motorists are normally provided with "friendly accident report forms", once known as CID modules but which over time have changed their name to CAI. The forms are easily available online and it is highly advisable to complete the form immediately after any traffic accident.

These forms serve to speed up reimbursement procedures in the event of a minor accident, but they also provide an excellent guide to directing the collection of information that will be used later to obtain damages.

If it is agreed with the other motorists involved on the modalities of the accident and on the faults, after completing the CAI form all the parties will have to sign it. If agreeance of fault is not possible, filling the form out is still important as it details the events surrounding the accident.

It is essential, in the event of a car accident in Italy, to try to maintain control and understand how the events occurred and to have enough clarity to gather as much information as possible in the moment, while the memory is still fresh.

The CAI form must include:

date and place of the accident (the name of the street and the nearest street number if this is possible); vehicle data (license plate and type of vehicle/s); name of insurance companies that cover vehicles, policy numbers and contact details; type of insurance coverage (if you also have an accessory guarantee to cover material damage); driver data (including driver's license details); presence of material damage to the vehicles involved; presence of material damage to any other vehicles or objects; presence of any witnesses, whether they are passengers of the vehicles involved or whether they are strangers, whose phone numbers must also be recorded in order for the proper authorities to contact them; circumstances of the accident (17 possible situations that occurred at the time of the accident); graphic representation of the accident, to try and explain with a drawing of what happened. Use arrows to indicate driving directions and impact points between vehicles. If the form is signed by all drivers involved, it will be possible for the insurance agencies to speed up processing the claim, plus it will make sure that the dynamics will not be reviewed or...

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