Start Your Application For Italian Citizenship With The Benefit Of Legal Advice To Prevent Rejection


In order to obtain Italian citizenship without encountering problems that will delay or stall your application expert legal advice is imperative. The unprecedented demand for dual citizenship across Europe, triggered by the UK's withdrawal from the EU, has left many countries struggling to manage the volume of applications. All the categories for application for Italian citizenship requires supporting documentation. Elze Obrikyte, who heads our immigration team in Palermo, commented: "the Consulate is scrutinising every applicant's documentation with far greater vigour than in the past and applications are being rejected for the smallest defect" Elze further commented, "so much time can be lost if an application is rejected and has to be started all over again once the problem has been remedied". Obviously, if the application has the benefit of an expert lawyer reviewing all the documents there is a far better chance of the application being approved for the next stage. Any noticeable gap or mistake in the documentation will be picked up by the lawyers who will then find a way around the problem before the application is made.

Many people who would like to obtain Italian citizenship do not have sufficient knowledge as to what precisely is required by the Consulate when they decide to apply themselves, it is only when they start their application that they realise that what seemed like a simple exercise is far from simple in certain cases. Due to the Consulate's recent policy of excessive scrutiny, our lawyers have developed tactics to avoid rejection due to shortcomings in the documentation. Giambrone's immigration team has managed to overcome some sizeable difficulties in the past resulting in our clients being able to realise their ambition of becoming Italian citizens against the odds. Elze and the team utilise their collective...

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