Ryanair To Face New Allegation Over 'Pilotgate'

Author:Giambrone Law ILP

A mere 3 weeks after the outbreak of "Pilotgate", the sudden and unexpected walkout of Ryanair pilots, Ryanair is believed to have barred customers from claiming the compensation they were entitled to, by issuing refunds without informing passengers they could insist on requesting flights on other airlines.

Although initially reluctant to fully refunds and compensate affected customers, Ryanair has been persuaded to change its views after the wave of angry complaints from the customers who have missed out on Ryanair's improved offer. Some have even threatened legal action against the airline.

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) accused Ryanair of having failed to properly inform affected customers in regards to the rights to compensation after an initial e-mail sent by the Irish airline. Ryanair has now offered to compensate customers for hotels and other "reasonable expenses". Customers have also been given up to 80£ vouchers to spend on future Ryanair flights.

Passengers that have accepted the previous refund offer are now trying to get the same degree of compensation that Ryanair is now granting. Most customers report having the accepted the offer as they were not fully aware of their rights. Additionally, some of the customers are being told that, since they have accepted the initial offer, they are not entitled to the new improved offer.

Giambrone has received a number of enquiries relating to the current debacle surrounding the Irish budget airline and is currently preparing a class action against the company.

Giambrone understand that more than 400,000 passengers have been affected by the flight cancellations, and in light of Ryanair's failure to organise alternate flights and/or to issue refunds and compensation as prescribed by EU law, our lawyers are considering taking...

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