One-Off Unique Business Opportunity In Italy

Author:Giambrone Law ILP

Italy has always had a powerful charm, enticing people to its shores from all over the globe. The lure of the wonderful climate, unique history and culture, not to mention the cuisine and wines, all combine to make Italy a superb choice as a destination for a holiday, a second home or a commercial investment opportunity.

The initiative by the Italian government offers some exceptional opportunities in Italy for the visionary property investor/developer, who takes the long view regarding property investment, and also has fairly deep pockets. Anyone who has dreamed of owning an iconic building steeped in history may be able to realise that dream as there are some of the most unique properties appearing on the market in Italy. The initiative was started in 2015 when the government hoped to ease the economic crisis by selling off some of the most unusual and interesting historical buildings that had been abandoned and/or had fallen into disrepair.

A range of palaces, castles, former military barracks, Venetian villas, monasteries, royal residences and even lighthouses are being offered for sale and very attractive prices. The impressive historical buildings make them highly desirable as restoration projects aimed at creating an outstanding family home. Alternatively, for commercial investors a rare opportunity is presented to create a truly exceptional hotel or restaurant or apartment block with a fascinating history. Many of the properties have international reputations, for example the 17th...

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