LCA's «No-Deal» Brexit To-Do List For British Citizens

Author:Mr Benedetto Lonato, Alessia Ajelli and Francesco Salvetti
Profession:LCA Studio Legale

United Kingdom's recently established new Government has made it clear that they would not tolerate or grant further delays to the process of the UK leaving the European Union, being the «D-Day» already scheduled for next January 31st, 2020.

In the event of a «no-deal» Brexit, which now seems closest than ever to become reality, UK nationals who are already residing or are willing to move to Italy shall familiarise themselves with and be ready and prepared to face the consequences of a «no-deal» scenario and shall consider to promptly take the necessary steps in order to secure their status and rights.

SECURE A SUITABLE ACCOMMODATION British citizens who are interested in moving to our country before Brexit should take care of securing an accommodation in Italy, by either entering into a valid lease agreement, duly registered with the Tax Agency ( Agenzia delle Entrate ), or by purchasing a real estate, prior to their expected date of travel to Italy. The availability of accommodation is in fact a vital pre-condition for the successful and expedite registration with the Italian Municipality, mentioned at point 2 below.

REGISTER WITH AN ITALIAN MUNICIPALITY BY JANUARY 31ST, 2020 Those British nationals who are already in Italy shall first of all register their residence with the Municipality ( Ufficio Anagrafe - Comune ) of the Italian city where they are living, by and not later than January 31st, 2020 which, as said, is the ultimate date scheduled by Boris Johnson's Government for Brexit to take place and become fully effective.

APPLY FOR THE ISSUANCE OF AN ITALIAN RESIDENCE PERMIT British nationals residing in the national territory and duly registered with the Municipality of the city where they are living shall apply, depending on how long they have been legally residing in Italy at the time of Brexit, for one of the following residence permits:

EU long term residence permit Those who have been uninterruptedly residing in Italy for a period not shorter than 5 (five) years before Brexit takes place shall apply, by and not later than December 31st, 2020, for the so-called "UE long term" residence permit. The UE long term residence permit grants the holder the right to live and work in the national territory indefinitely, has no expiration date and is subject to update once every 5 years.

Residence permit "per residenza" Those who have been legally residing in the...

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