Keep The European Door Open With Your Italian Heritage By Becoming An Italian Citizen

Author:Giambrone Law ILP
Profession:Giambrone & Partners

Britons with an Italian heritage are in a good position to be able to obtain Italian citizenship, unlike some other European countries, Italy does not place demanding or limiting restrictions as to the nature of the Italian heritage. Italy goes far further than most European countries who often only extend the opportunity of citizenship to children born abroad on the basis of one parent who is a citizen of the country. Whereas Italy allows anyone to qualify if they can demonstrate direct Italian descent, regardless of where the descendant is or was domiciled and the Italian connection is not limited to being from parents only.

The continuation of unhindered travel across Europe is the principal reason the vast majority of people seek dual Italian/British citizenship for either business reasons or simply the desire to visit Italy for longer than the duration of a holiday or to have the opportunity to relocate to Italy at some stage.

Dual nationality is an attractive asset for a person seeking to work on the European stage and potential employees with more than one nationality are seen as prepared to be mobile, more culturally aware especially as they are often bilingual and without reservations about living for long periods of time in a foreign country, altogether making the prospective job seeker far more attractive to entrepreneurs aiming to tackle the EU market.

Many businesses have had to undergo a complete revision of their business model in order to retain the lucrative markets in Europe in light of the Brexit fiasco. In the absence of any clear government guidance they have had to forge their own solutions. Opening a head office in the country in which their best market is situated is a solution that many have sought, which means they need staff that can travel unrestricted around Europe and be able to spend long periods of time or even relocate to the country of choice to retain the cross-border business that they have built up over many...

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