How To Get A Refund After A Road Accident In Italy

Author:Mr Calogero Boccadutri
Profession:Boccadutri Internationalm Law Firm

If you have been involved in a road accident, you should be able to remain calm and document what happened because your personal report is not always enough to obtain the right refund.

A road accident can have many causes, as well as many consequences. Being an experienced driver does not necessarily mean being safe from any accident, for various reasons: too many distracted or inadequate drivers on the road; possible adverse weather conditions; non-optimal vehicle conditions; pitfalls and perils on the road.

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In an extreme situation like an accident it is not easy, but it is nevertheless essential, to remain calm. Even if you are not primarily responsible for the accident, it is advisable to be guided by common sense.

What does common sense recommend?

Firstly, it is necessary to understand what consequences the accident had caused.

Never linger on the road waiting for aid. Report your presence to prevent other vehicles from being further involved in the accident. Whenever possible, take pictures to document what happened. Whenever possible, provide assistance to other people involved, also by simply calling the emergency services. Failure to provide assistance is a felony liable to imprisonment. Do not move any injured unless it is absolutely necessary. In the event of an accident causing deaths or injured, do not move the vehicles involved so to allow the Police to carry out the necessary surveys. If this is not the case, vehicles should be moved from the accident location. Exchange data and identification details with the other drivers involved, i.e. driver's license, vehicle registration certificate and car insurance. If someone of the person involved in the accident refuses to provide his/her data, you shall be entitled to call the Police. If there are any witnesses, you can rely on their statements to reconstruct how the accident occurred. The ideal would be to obtain their written declaration. Your passengers can also provide their witness on the accident. People involved should see a doctor within 48 hours of the accident, even in the case of the slightest suspicion of physical injuries. The medical report could be a key document in case of a possible claim for damages. Drivers should always keep in their vehicle the CID, a jointly-agreed statement for insurance purposes to fill in and sign in case of a road accident; it serves to describe causes and dynamics of...

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