Government Survey Of LGBT Community Is The Largest Ever


The survey of LGBT individuals in Britain announced by Theresa May last summer has now been completed and the results will be published together with an LGBT Action Plan in the summer. The survey is the largest ever undertaken and sheds light on the LGBT world in the UK. Over 100,000 people responded to the survey with their stories, perceptions of their place in society and the difficulties they face.

The survey highlighted the fact that despite discrimination legislation that the LGBT community is frequently targeted in a variety of ways. Theresa May wrote an open letter to Gay Times pledging the government's support and indicating that the LGBT Action Plan hopes to bring wide-ranging changes. The terms of the Action Plan are not known but it is expected to outline ways to improve health care, personal safety and education. Theresa May further stated that her government wished to make Britain a country where "no one feels the need to hide who they are or who they love".

The LGBT Action Plan aims to set tangible steps to address the injustices that many of the LGBT community have endured and improve the lives of people within the community. The Prime Minister touched on the fact that transgender individuals suffer a considerable amount of prejudice and frequently suffer indignities that other sections of society, even within the LGBT community, do not experience. She further commented that transgender people deserved respect and understanding. The government has engaged experts to advise on the particular issues relating to gender recognition and there will be a public consultation on how the government can reform the system and processes to improve the way this sensitive issue is handled. Mrs. May patted her government's collective back because the UK is...

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