Compensation For A Ship Crash In Italy: How To Obtain It?


Venice, the most romantic city on the water in the world, is now the backdrop to numerous ship crashes that legitimize the person who suffered the damage to request the "compensation for a ship crash".

Cruise ships in Venice or tourist boats are increasingly involved in ship crashes, resulting in physical damage or even death of people on board.

Even the gondola has often appeared in a ship crash scenario. Not rare are the cases of tourists who lose their lives due to accidents on the canals of Venice (Venice gondola crash).

Compensation for a ship crash in Italy: is the insurance compulsory?

The Italian legislation on compensation for a ship crash requires the compulsory insurance for ships that are not used for commercial purposes and for boats of pleasure. This is because navigation is considered a dangerous activity and therefore potentially possible to cause damage to things or people.

The injured party (which may be another boat or even a swimmer or a diver) has the right to obtain compensation for all damages to things and to the person.

Compensation for a ship crash in Italy: Italian navigation code and prescription

In accordance with the provisions of the Italian navigation code, in the event of a ship crash caused by tourist boat, vessel, yacht, ship, etc., the injured party has the right to obtain compensation for all damages suffered to things and to people on board (Compensation for a ship crash, which we are talking about).

More specifically:

- if the ship crash is caused by accident or force majeure, it is impossible to ascertain the origin of the collision, the damages will not be compensated;

- if the ship crash occurred due to the fault of one of the ships, the compensation for damages is paid by the ship that caused the crash;

- if the ship crash is caused by the fault of more than one boat, each of them should pay responsibility in proportion to the seriousness of their fault and the extent of the damage caused. Where it is not possible to determine the liability share of each ship, compensation is payable in equal parts.

The right to obtain compensation for a ship crash in Italy is limited to two years, starting from the day on which the damage occurred, except in cases where the offense has resulted in a crime.

Compensation for a ship crash in Italy: how the compensation is calculated?

The amount of compensation for minor physical damage from ship crash is calculated using the tables for calculating...

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