Simpler Legislation Internal Market

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  • Valutazione di vLex
  • FrameNet Model of the Suspension of Norms

    1. Introduction - 2. Temporal Dimension in the Legislation - 3. Anatomy of Temporal Modificatory Provision - 4. Suspension of Efficacy - 4.1. Suspension Provision - 4.2. Disapplication Provision - 4.3. Modification of Suspending Provision - 5. Language Regularity of Suspension Provision - 6. Modelling Suspensions Using FrameNet - 7. From the Text Structure to the Legal Semantics - 8. Clearance of

  • Evaluation criteria of legal electronic resources. A case study of Italian legal web resources' selection

    1. State of the art of legal electronic resources. 2. Legal research and users' attitudes in searching for information. 3. Evaluating resources on the web. 3.1. Evaluation criteria of general web resources. 4. Investigation on the activity of assessing the quality of resources. 4.1. Findings of the investigation. 5. Conclusions. 5.1 Main achievements. 5.2. Final remarks and recommendations.

    ... different legal sources (legislation, judicial decisions and legal ... require are facilities for simpler and at the same time more accurate ...Mention is made of "internal criteria" to access the credibility ... to mistrust sites created to market an individual or a law firm, while ...