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  • Valutazione di vLex
  • FXCM Scandal: The USA Chases The Broker From The Market.

    ... Previous scandals. The phoenix had already been reborn from the ashes in 2015, the year in which it suffered the consequences of Banca Svizzera's decision to abandon the Franc's Euro cap, but dark shadows ...

  • Human Rights in the Computer Age

    1. The advent of the «new» man - 2. Human nature as a conquest - 3. Technological rebirth - 4. Human rights in the computer age - 5. The new ethics: situation and responsibility - 6. Right to life, liberty and happiness.

    ...Being reborn in this way, however, also produces effects which radically transform how a man thinks or behaves and once again pose the problem of the analysis of ...

  • Law and Its approach as a system

    1. The logical structure of law as a historical product. 2. Tendencies of formal rationalization in legal development. 3. Historical development of the approach to law as a system. 4. Present state of the attempts at a logical reconstruction of law and legal reasoning. 5. Question of the axiomatic conception of law. 6. Heuristic value of the approach to law as a system.

    ... place overwhelmingly by way of judicial re-interpretation instead of codification, before long a more-solid bourgeois rule of law principle reborn, a principle somewhat acting a mediating role between the two extremes. From the viewpoint of the system approach this transformation can be ...