Mutual Information System Employment Policies

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  • Inventory of Approaches to Authentication and Certification in a Global Networked Society

    Context for the inventory. Snap-Shot View. Private Sector Role. Inventory of approaches to authentication and certification in a global networked society. Overview. Questions for framing input to the revised inventory. General. Private contractual agreements. Technology requirements. Standanis. Certification authorities. Global authentication. National approaches. Australia. Austria. Belgium....

    ...COMMITTEE FOE INFORMATION, COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATIONS ... about laws, policies and initiatives, in both the ... and develop model systems for specific technology ... European market, mutual recognition agreements will ...employment insurance, old age pensions), ...

  • Italy Regulatory Update 1/2014

    In this update: 1. ITALIAN LAW 1.1 Primary legislation 1.2 Implementing measures 2. EC/EU LAW 2.1 Primary legislation 2.2 Implementing measures Please see full Chart below for more information.