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  • Valutazione di vLex
  • Riuso di dati pubblici sul patrimonio artistico e monumentale per la promozione culturale

    Open Data are receiving increasing attention from local and central governments in many countries. Releasing Public Sector Information as Open Data represents a tool for government authorities to promote transparency and inform citizens about government policies and decision-making processes. Information come mainly from aggregation of internally produced or gathered data and in most cases is...

  • Real Estate Horizons: The Power of the Brand

    Real Estate Horizons is a snapshot of key legal topics and market trends across the globe. This post higlights the importance of IP rights in this sector. With property developments increasingly focusing on experience and becoming “destinations” or lifestyle brands in their own right, branding has become an essential element of the development process. Therefore, protecting your IP rights is...

  • Hypertext: The New Way of Browsing

    1. History. 2. Accessing Hypertext. 3. Creating Hypertext. 4. Hypertext Architecture. 4.1. Data and semantic models. 4.2. Nodes and Links. 5. Interface. 6. Conclusion.

    ...The best understood semantic net link types manifest inheritance properties. For ...In an interface that exploits the travel metaphor, guided tours are initiated when the user selects a coach icon labeled with the topic of ...